Demolition of buildings and structures

  • Strategic planning of major demolition and urban rehabilitation projects, including the decommissioning of offshore structures and nuclear power plants.
  • Assessment of methods for the demolition of large buildings, tall and complex structures and installations.
  • Assessment of plans for environmental screening, mapping and cleaning of polluted buildings and structures.
  • Optimization of the handling of construction and demolition waste, including maximum recycling and utilization of resources from demolition.
  • Assessment of design and planning for sustainable demolition.
  • Assessment of the design of new buildings and structures with respect to deconstruction and recycling when such buildings reach the end of their useful life.
  • 3rd party checks, assessment and quality assurance of planning documents for demolition projects.
  • Risk assessment of demolition projects with respect to budget, time and accidents.


Storstrøms Bridge, length 3.2 km, is planned to be demolished after the construction of a new bridge presumably around 2020.

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